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Everyone deals with loss and grief in their own way. Many of us faced with decision on what to do with our loved one's ashes or our beloved pet's ashes, fortunately there are now many unique and loving ideas available. 

One of the most popular options is cremation jewellery, it is also called ashes into jewellery, memorial jewellery, or urn jewellery. 

What is cremation jewellery?

They are jewellery like pendant or ring, which can keep a small amount of ashes inside. Alternatively, ashes into diamonds like Algordanza and Ashes into glass and then set as pendants, rings, or even earrings. 

We noticed that cremation jewellery has now become more and more popular and acceptable, it mostly brings closeness, comfort and peace to the ones left behind. 

925 Sterling Silver Angel Wing Cremation Pendant for Ashes

(Imagine above, 925 Sterling Silver Cremation Angel Wing Necklaces for Ashes

One of our customer shared her story after her father had passed away.  “When my father died, his ashes was stored in the urn for years. Until I found out the idea about ash jewelries, so I got a cremation necklace for ashes, now I could wear it every day.  It is really a beautiful way to remember my father.”

What kind of Jewellery Material should I choose for cremation jewellery?

Cremation jewellery typically can come in with many various types of materials, depends on your budget. Most commonly, 18K gold, 9K Gold, 925 Sterling silver, Gold plated over silver and stainless steel. All these materials are solid and durable for long keeping.

We don't suggest using other materials for cremation jewellery, they are tarnished quickly more suited for fashion or season jewellery.

9K Solid Gold Heart cremation pendant for ashes

(Image above, 9K solid gold heart cremation pendant for ashes from Jewellery AE)

Stainless Steel Heart and Wing Cremation Necklace for Ashes

(Imagine above, Stainless Steel Cremation Angel Wing  and Heart Necklaces for Ashes from Jewellery AE)

How does it keep ashes?

Most people prefer not to see the ashes, so a sealed pendant wearing around the neck is one of the best choices.

Cremation pendant has hollowed space inside. You can fill in the ashes using an small amount of ash from the fennel we provided. Once you have filled the pendant, you can secure it with the screwed top. 

It can be in addition used to hold a lock of hair, crushed flower, dirt or sand from your memorable location, or any tiny objects you want to keep close to you.

(Image above, 18K Angel Wing Cremation pendant for ashes from Jewellery AE)

All of our cremation pendants are easily sealed with a threaded stopper screw to secure its contents. We do recommend using a modelling glue or epoxy to make a permanent seal.

(Image above, 925 Sterling Silver Cross from Jewellery AE) 

Whatever you choose it will mean that you have a little bit of your loved one with you whenever you need them and that will always be very special!

(Image above, Stainless Steel heart from Jewellery AE) 

Which style of cremation jewellery to choose ? 

Depends on your personal preferences, there are many different style and shape of the cremation pendant to choose from. We offers different range of Cremation pendants from angel wings, heart, cross to simple geometric shapes for men. 

Stainless Steel Long Cylinder Ash Pendant

(Image above, Stainless Steel Long Cylinder Ash Pendant from Jewellery AE)

Most people choose angel wings for comfort and blessing, people with religious  background prefer cross or our Spiritual Capsule cremation necklaces. 

Cremation Jewellery for Pet Ashes? 

When you lose a beloved pet, it is like losing part of the family. All the ashes into jewellery collection are also for pets ashes, in addition, and we have some specially designed for your beloved pets. 

Stainless Steel Paw Print in My Heart Ash Urn Necklace

(Image above, Stainless Steel Paw Print in My Heart Ash Urn Necklace from Jewellery AE)

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