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Something is A-Buzz in the jewellery world - Bee Trend Jewellery!

Thinking of early summer, one usually conjures images of blooms, blue skies, and buzzing bees.

Over the years bee jewellery have increased with popularity and trend, however, beyond this, there is an ethical obligation to support these wonderful furry creatures.  
Bee Hive Sterling Silver 18K Gold Earrings

(Image above, 925 Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Bee & Hive Earrings from JewelleryAE)

We are also a big fan of bee jewellery, from affordable trendy fashion jewellery to more durable sterling silver, 18K gold jewellery, Jewellery AE is sure you can find a bee for you. 
Bees are also symbolic of love, the perfect gift for the super sweet one. Bees, like fairies, are often considered guardians of the natural world, and as the creators of honey, the honey bee is linked with magic and romance. It is where the word ‘honey’ in terms of love derived from, written in love poetry from thousands of years ago during the period of Sumerians and Egyptians.
Dainty Bee Charm Fashion necklace in Gold Tone
These dainty bee charm necklace from JewelleryAE (above) makes for the perfect little piece to give a gift of meaning to that sweet one in your life such as your daughter, god daughter or sisters.
If you are budget conscious as much as we are, these cute bee charm hoop and bee necklace from Jewellery AE, are great collections to keep but will not break your bank account :) 
Long Layered Bee Necklaceand Lariat Bee Necklace  are our best sellers, they add effortless chic and looks good over a wool jumper or casual summer top. 
There are some big brands are chasing the honey also:
Swarovski have a bee themed line with earrings and necklaces start rom £49.
Bill Skinner is more about young, fun costume fashion jewellery start around £40 for bee necklace and bee bracelet.
Pandora has so many bee hive and bee inspired charms and jewellery, it is time to add them to your collection.

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