Flower Jewelry, Floral earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings and more!

Flower Jewelry, Floral earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings and more!

All the beautiful things that come with this season of new beginnings, which means your jewelry collection is most likely ready for a refresh. Putting your favorite coat back to the close, start on the bright color palettes clothing, flower jewelry is the perfect way to celebrate femininity and romance.

How to decide on the right flower design jewelry for you?

Most of the floral jewelries are statement pieces, therefore I would not wear different floral design rings, necklace and earrings at the same time. Wearing them individually would make much more of a fashion statement. Due to the delicate and beautiful design of most of the flower jewelries, they are very versatile, you can wear them, dress up or dress down.

The shape style and color of your flower design depend on matching your personal taste. If you are a free spirit seeking adventure and free, you may feel more of a connection with abstract and exotic designs, we recommend the gold/ silver branch earrings, and our lapis lazuli stone floral earrings, or this cute blue flower pot earrings. 

For ladies who would like to embrace their femininity. We recommend to choose these 3D long lever back silver flower earrings (Silver 3d flower earrings, rose sliver earrings , Lily Sliver Earrings , Silver Trillium Flower Earrings, 3D cherry blossom necklace, and magnolia flower necklace. )These floral jewellery go really well with long summer dresses for a special date, or nice Sunday brunch with the girls with casual T-shirts and jeans make a statement.
Jewellery AE flower earrings and necklaces

For the modern day hippie girl, who doesn’t care what anybody has to say, and with wanderlust incorporated in her DNA, we feel these beautiful sterling silver with gold flower baskets necklace silver basket spring earrings and Miniature Garden with gold flowers and butterfly can only do her justice.

If you are an ambitious career women opt for a simple, classy, timeless look, we recommend sterling silver lotus with pearls,  poppy with pink or white pearls, and tiny hoop with crystal stones, they are the perfect choice for work.
pearl earrings
Silver Camellia Flower Earrings, Silver Zirconia Rose Earrings, Flower & leaf CZ stone statement ring, Silver and gold plated poppy ring are for girls who are not afraid to be bald, these flower earrings and statement rings are perfect for any cocktail parties.

Sterling silver flower cocktail rings

Take your time to choose the right design that resonates with your personality and style. Fortunately the choices are limitless.

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