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Morden designs, affordable jewellery by Jewellery AE 

A warm welcome to our new Jewellery AE platform. Morden designs, affordable Necklaces, Earrings, Rings and Bracelets. We also specialise in memorial jewellery to keep your loved ones close at all times. All jewellery is FREE shipping within the UK. Woohoo!

So, a bit about me.

I have lived in London for 19 years and after growing up in Newcastle I've loved the tropical weather :)

After a conversation with my Dad and friends, I realised the importance of keeping your loved ones close when they have departed so I used my background in jewellery designing to set up a jewellery shop making memorial jewellery. This then led to fashion jewellery with a theme of love and friendship. My lovely girlfriend Amie has helped a lot with the designs.

It brings me a lot of warmth to know I can create pieces that give a lot of comfort to people. This led to creating fashion jewellery based on friendship and love. A gift from a friend or loved one showing their love gives that warm and fuzzy feeling that we never forget - I still have a ring, and treasure the memory, from a friend 21 years ago that they give me while travelling the world.

And Also did I mentioned that I am the sole agent and sale rep for Algordanza Memorial Diamond Agent.  So a bit About Algordanza Memorial Diamonds ..

Algordanza is a historic Swiss language word for “Remembrance”, for over a decade Algordanza has been creating memorial diamonds in a Swiss laboratory in Domat Ems, Switzerland.

The idea is to isolate carbon from hair or cremation ashes to create a memorial diamond. Our process is completely transparent; you are welcome to visit our premises in Switzerland at any time.

If you would like to inquire more about the diamond within the UK, please call 08000646683 or email uk@algordanza.com us to book a consultation. 

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